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2020, the global impact of COVID-19 pandemic has turned performing arts towards online audiences. Our Theatre has rode the wave and produced a podcast to share with audiences Our point of view on theatre, culture, mother tongue and local things big or small. Our Podcast is hosted by MC JJ and Our Theatre’s assistant hosts Hî-Á, Tōa-Niá, Pei-Pei and A-Lin-Eh, and premiered every Sunday at 2pm!

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The Actors' Lab

Actor Training X Taiwanese Folklore X Theatre Techniques
A Team, Building Performing Arts Training System from the Southern Taiwan’s Aspect

The Actors’ Lab was formerly an Our Theatre on-the-job training class for actors, which was organized aperiodically. In 2019, it was restructured into a three-year acting school and arranged actor trainees recruitment annually. After three years of systematic training, trainees could become professional performing arts workers and ready to face any challenge.

The Actors’ Lab aimed to build a performing arts training system from a southern Taiwan’s aspect that applied five main structures of Taiwanese, folklore, voice, body, text and basic training courses of theatre techniques. The project allows Our Theatre keeping a solid talent base as well as cultivating more performing arts professionals for southern Taiwan.

The Farm of Plays

Edit, Direct, Perform, Review, Audience, Produce
The Platform of Original Asian Contemporary Plays

In 2013, Our Theatre initiated The Farm of Plays project. Led by the senior theater creator WANG Yu-Hui, the project invites three playwrights each year from Asia to attend a three-year-long in depth play creation, which requires traveling and exploring Taiwan,writing progress reviews, play reading with box office, editing and improving scripts and finally publishing play scripts; till this day, we have created almost 20 scripts with this project. The Farm of Plays does not limit the themes nor formations of the creations. Combining resources of editing, directing, performing, reviewing, audience and producing, The Farm of Play offers upcoming playwrights to tell their stories on a stage with no limitations.

Chiayi Countryside Project

Our Hometown Our Responsibility

A lot of schools in Chiayi are located in rural areas with no easy access. Started in 2011, Our Theatre has brought shows to these schools for children—deep into Alishan, Dongshi Town, Budai Town and other rural towns along the mountain and shorelines—and gradually fulfilled the goal for everyone to have access to arts in Chiayi. In recent years, Our Theatre organized Chiayi Countryside Arts and Culture Class for rural schools to have performing arts teachers in residence which helped kids growing up with performing arts blossom in their daily lives.

Documentary of Chiayi Countryside Project:

Taiwanese Team​

Cross-Disciplinary X Generational Collaboration
Forging Taiwanese Creativity Treasure Trove

Initiated in 2020, Our Theatre Taiwanse Team aimed to build a creativity database for Taiwamese play scripts by gathering Taiwanese cultural workers, performing arts directors and playwrights in Yulin and Chiayi areas to attend a monthly seminars for discussion of assigned books (not limited to particular discipline, themes, nor topics) in order to create three 15-20 minutes long first script drafts in each seminar. These drafts can be further developed and are offered to be used as materials for teaching Taiwanese, Taiwanese language studies, various creativity development and many more applications as the team expects for these resources to be utilized as diverse as possible.

The founding members were Our Theatre’s Artistic Director WANG
Jhao-Cian, resident playwright WU Ming-Lun, Taiwanese playwright LU Chih-Chieh, Taiwanese literature creator CHENG Shun-Tsung, Taiwanese Languages and Literature researcher LIN Rui-Kun, Chang Yi Ge Hand Puppet Theater producer HUANG Chin-Chang, Zhen Yun Lin Ge Puppet Theater Director LI Ching-Yeh and Our Theatre’s young actors; a team consisted of cross-disciplinary and cross-generational members.